Hardware Features of Universal Relay Test Kit K68i:

  1. All-in-one design relay tester with 6.4 inches LCD display.
  2. Four  independent AC voltage sources of 0- 300V @ 110VA each.
  3. Three  independent current sources  of 0- 35A @ 450 VA each .
  4. One independent Auxiliary DC Source of 0 ~ 300V/0.6A .
  5. High accuracy analog outputs of <0.15%rd + 0.05%rg,Guar.
  6. Projector compatible port for training & study purpose .
  7. Rugged Design with super long life rotary encoder + Functional keyboard.

Software Features of Universal Relay Test Kit K68i:

  1. Able to test most of Relays by manual or automation: Voltage relays, Current relays, Frequency relays, Power relays, Impedance relays, Harmonic relays, Distance relays etc .
  2. With self-housing & grounding-detecting function

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