GREENWATT offers a complete line of transformer testing equipment Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer which identify Inside Failures of Core Movements And Winding Deformations.
Sweep Frequency Response Analysis is a powerful & sensitive method to evaluate the mechanical integrity of core, windings & clamping structures within power transformers by measuring their electrical transfer functions over a wide frequency range. Sweep Frequency Response Analysis is a proven method for frequency measurements.

Sweep Frequency Response Analysis can detect problems in transformers such as

  • Winding deformation – axial & radial, like hoop buckling, tilting, spiraling
  • Displacements between high & low voltage windings
  • Partial winding collapse
  • Shorted or open turns
  • Faulty grounding of core or screens
  • Core movement
  • Broken clamping structures
  • Problematic internal connections

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