Founded in 1993, Ofil is a leader firm for designing & developing of solar blind UV systems using proprietary UV-c Band-Pass filtering technology. Ofil gained a worldwide reputation for quality & reliability.Ofil’s flagship product is the DayCor® solar blind corona imager system. Within a decade of introduction, OFIL cameras have been sold & used in more than 50 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, Oceania and Israel.


NDT – non destructive testing imaging systems, developed, designed and manufactured by Ofil using proprietary UV BandPass technology – the DayCor ® Technology. Systems enable optical detection of UV signals in full daylight, for the power distribution markets, civil, homeland security and law enforcement purposes.



  • Hand held corona detecting systems
    • Luminar
    • Superb
    • UVollé
    • Scalar
  • Airbone corona detecting systems
    • ROM
    • ROMpact
  • Vehicle mounted corona detection systems
    • Range
    • Rail
  • SBUV imaging systems
  • Made-to-order SBUV inspection solutions



The DayCor® family of cameras detects and captures both corona and arcing activity effectively. The awareness to corona discharge is shared among companies that have high voltage apparatuses and those that manufacture components for these apparatuses.

EPRI, IEEE, CIGRE and other institutions publish from time to time researches conducted with corona cameras. Sharing information on the use of available technologies is important because of the global aspects of the electrical markets. Based upon those leading knowledgeable organizations, there is a consensus in favor of using daytime corona cameras to achieve reliability and save losses.

Corona camera are being used by the following:

  • Electrical Utilities »
  • Heavy Industries
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Laboratories
  • Service Contractors

Power companies and utilities focus on reliable ongoing power supply without outages. At the same time power companies and utilities strive to reduce maintenance costs and seek methods to predict the remaining life time of their assets.

Ofil’s mission is to improve and develop diagnostic and monitoring methods and manufacture tools that will assist power companies to achieve these goals.


DayCor® provides immediate, on the fly, visible reliable, correct and relevant information:

  • Predictive — indicate specific symptoms prior to failure
  • Nonintrusive — no interruption of service is required nor any change of the regular operating voltage
  • Nondestructive — the tests do not affect/damage/change the equipment under inspection
  • No need for over loading the lines — testing is carried out during regular voltages
  • Trending-oriented — finding can be stored and retreivd for trending reports
  • Pinpointing — locating the partial discharge emmiting sources to facilitate repair
  • Cost effective — performing surveys at most facilities is fast and easy with meaningful important information

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