Monster Jaw Clamp Meter is well designed & manufactured for measuring AC current & voltage. It adopts the latest CT and digital integrated technology. Its monster clamp particularly makes it suitable for leakage current measurement of cable and transformer earth steel. The meter is widely used in electric power, communication, meteorology, railway, oil field, architecture, measuring, teaching research unit, industrial mining enterprises, etc.

Monster Jaw Clamp Meter  clamp core is made of special alloy & adopts the latest magnetic shielding techniques to ensure high precision, high stability & high reliability of perennial uninterrupted measurement. The meter can store 99 sets of data, with RS232 interface, uploads stored data to the computer through the system software, implementing online real-time monitoring, historical inquires, dynamic display. With the function of historical data read, export, print, & backlight, data hold, etc. It is a necessary tool for electrical safety testing.

Key Specifications of Monster Jaw Clamp Meter

  • Biggest Jaw Size of 108mm×148mm
  • Can clamp cable of 108mm dia or 160mm×4mm flat conductor
  • Model Current Range
  1. GW-CT2000D 2000A DC/1000A AC
  2. GW-CT4000 4000A AC

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