IR / Ultrasonic / UV Window

The Power Sector including generation ,transmission & distribution has the most vigorous electrical preventative maintenance programs in the electrical maintenance industry.

Certain critical systems, such as isophase and bus bar systems leave power generation industry extremely vulnerable due to inaccessibility issues. These systems are the only critical components that usually have no redundancy. The internal components of HV panels are impossible to inspect under load .

Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices (EMSDs) such as the FlexIR range of product lines are extremely useful in helping asset owners identify issues before outages, allowing for more efficient outage planning and prioritization of needed repairs.

The IR windows can be classified in terms of Sizes & Application and can be used to monitor below critical parameters-:

  1. IR Radiations – Using Thermal Imager Camera
  2. UV Radiations – Using Corona Camera
  3. Ultrasound Port – Using Partial Discharge Detector based on Ultrasonic Measuremen

Green-Watt is partnering with IRISS Solutions-USA to bring state of art IR monitoring solutions . Our solutions are different in below salient ways

Certified: Comply with UL, CSA, IEEE, IP65/NEMA 4/, BSI, ABS, and Lloyds of London Certifications.

Visual, UV, IR Inspections All Through One IR Window: Poly-View System™ technology available in Platinum Series and Custom Solutions products. Versatile Works with all IR cameras for low, medium, and high voltage equipment located indoors or outdoors.

Fixed and Stable Transmission (FAST) : Eliminate need to recalculate transmittance on a regular basis.

Durable Design: Impact-resistant industrial-grade optics with reinforced grills compliant with fail-safe IP2x standards.

Protected by Unconditional Lifetime Warranty : IRISS polymer optics do not degrade when exposed to acids, alkalis, UV, moisture, humidity, vibration, and high frequency noise – a guarantee no crystal IR window can provide.


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