High Voltage Insulation Tester embedded real-time industrial microcomputer operating system, ultra-thin wire-shaped sheets header with the perfect combination of dot matrix liquid crystal display, the instrument is with a variety of voltage output level 500V,1000V,2500V,5000V, high capacity, strong anti-interference, the pointer and digital synchronous display, AC-DC dual-use, simple operation, automatic calculation of various insulation index (absorption ratio, polarization index), all measured characteristics with the anti-power-down function .
It is suitable for measuring high capacity transformers, transformers, generators, high voltage electric motors, power capacitors, power cables, surge arresters and other ideal insulation resistance test equipment.

Features and functions

  • Auto- discharge function to make, the operation safe.
  • Advance “Guard” Feature for accurate measurements
  • LCD Back-light.
  • Digital readout display.
  • Live circuit warning symbols with audio sounds.
  • Auto- power off function (in 10 minutes without operation)
  • Timer measurement function.
  • Low battery indication
  • PI/ DAR measurement (Polarization index measurement)
  • Suitable for 12V DC adapter (12V/1A)

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