As the name suggests, Oil BDV Test Set is used for measuring breakdown strength of the insulating oil.

  • The dielectric strength of an insulating oil is a measure of the oils ability to withstand electrical stress without
  • The test involves applying a ac voltage at a controlled rate to two electrodes immersed in the insulating fluid.
    The gap is a specified distance. When the current arcs across this gap the voltage recorded at that instant is the dielectric strength breakdown strength of the insulating liquid.

Key Specifications of Oil BDV Test Set

  • Small in size
  • Light weight & portable with integrated handle
  • Programmable Test Sequences as per IEC156/IS6792/BS5874
  • VDE0370-5 ,ASTMD877 , ASTMD1816 ,JIS C 2101-99(S) (with GW-OBDV-A+)
  •  Average value & Standard Deviation value of the oil breakdown strength
  • Easily adjustable electrodes
  • Integrated thermal printer
Oil BDV Test Set series of equipment are best blend of ruggedness, simplicity & advance features as below:
  • Selectable stirring time
  • Selectable stewing time
  • Programmable test repetitions for average BDV value calculation
  • Print facility
  • Selectable rate of rise of voltage (with OBDV-A+)

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