Battery Conductance Tester is a multi-function and portable digital data storage measurement instrument to test battery running condition and parameters quickly and precisely. It can display and record many key parameters for multi-groups like battery string and each battery cell’s voltage, conductance, connecting strip resistance, battery’s internal resistance and so on; offer the ability to distinguish battery’s condition effectively and accurately; compose with intelligent PC measurement analyzing software, user can track battery’s decay trend, and alarm beforehand to help technician and administrators process according to status.


  • Telecommunication (central office, data processing center and remote site)
  • Power station, power plant, Substations , UPS
  • Hospitals
  • Battery manufacturers and servers
  • Mining
  • Transportation
  • Industries etc

Key Features

  1. Online test voltage and conductance: finish all test when batteries in service
  2. Automatically switch test range
  3. Save manpower: automatically test and store results in 3~5 seconds
  4. Large LCD: 4 inch 320*240 LCD screen
  5. Data transmission: Transmit the testing data to PC via Micro SD card
  6. Multifunction: test voltage, conductance
  7. Safe and durable: over voltage and over current protection, over range alarm
  8. Stability: SOC chip improve testing stability
  9. Low battery warning 
  10. Large data storage capacity: at least 99,999 groups of test result (each group includes max. 500 batteries) and 200 groups of configure parameter
  11. Probe and clamp are both available: conveniently used in all battery strings
  12. Powerful battery management in PC: Automatically analyze and indicate battery’s SOH (state-of-health); Building the history record database, describe the battery life graphs; Analysis for each battery cell within the same battery string.

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