1 Ph Onsite Energy Meter Reference is a multifunctional device that has convenient characteristic and can measure  voltage , electric current , power , phase , frequency. GW offers you the most light-weighted energy meter along with its small volume.

The product has great practical value in the way of anti-electricity stealing, solving the disputes in electricity-use and monitoring the electricity quality and so on., so it is an ideal choice to calibrate the single phase electric energy meter for the electric energy measurement departments and organizations.


Special Features of  1 Ph Onsite Energy Meter Reference

  • Special plastic cell ,portable
  • Continuous measurement of voltage ,current, power (positive and negative  judgement  )
  • Continuous testing of phase location, frequency , and tested energy meter error.
  • Display year, month, date, time, and so on .
  • Wide range current clamp inputting (0.5100A).
  • working voltage range AC 180V~250V
  • Liquid crystal display screen ,robber key.
  • Working power could be directly provided by the voltage testing leads.
  • High /low frequency pulse output ,convenient testing. it is equal to manual switch testing and photo
  • Small Volume .
  • Light Weight.
  • The convenient characteristic, can measure voltage , electric current , power , phase , frequency and ceaseless electricity checking equal electric energy error (positive and negative electric current testing)from tested meter.

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