Automation Engineering

We design, engineer and offer complete automation solution for process industry, plants and factory automation. We employ PLC systems, wireless technologies, embedded systems & artificial intelligence. Our solutions are working in harsh and critical environment of Maruti Suzuki, Adani Power, Reliance Industries & defence corporations. Our solutions aim for cutting the process time, reduce the wastage & increase the outcome by putting adequate mix of machinery and intelligence in place. We put systems, to process, monitor & control for obtaining the entire outcome. Feel free to write us a note on your requirement, our team will understand your case & put up a consolidated plan of integrated total solution.

Thermal Automation Systems

We had created our own application based software programme to work with FLIR make automation camera for process automation of thermal nature. Our solutions are working with Maruti, Railway (RDSO/ MRVCL), Mando Corps & IIT’s for process control and research purpose.

IoT & Smart Machines

We are working to solve society problem through technology. We aim to develop and implement technology invasion in human life for positive outcome. We are creating a product range to monitor & control important and critical aspects of life and seamlessly integrate it with monitoring devices like mobiles & laptop applications.

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