CT/PT Analyzer is an all in one solution for testing all type of CT/PT as per IEC standards. It is an equipment with high ROI ( Return On Investment ) . Below features  make  CT/PT analyzer  and ideal tool for  CT/PT Manufacturer , Testing labs , Substations (Upto 765KV) , Power Plants  etc.

  1. Low Testing Time      (Completes all  test for CT/PT Winding & Cores in few min)
  2. Simple connection     (Simple one time connection)
  3. Highest  Accuracy      (0.05% for turns  ratio & winding  resistance )
  4. Portable & Light Weight  ( < 15KG )
  5. High Interference Rejection  (Can be used in 220/400/765 KV  Live Switchyards )

This compact 15kg unit with complete measurement function is capable of testing all types of current/potential transformer as per below test standards

Test standards :

  • IEC60044-1,
  • IEC60044-6,
  • C57.13
  • IEC 61869-2

Tests for Current transformer:

  • Excitation curve and parameters test
  • Turns ratio test
  • Ratio and phase error test
  • Polarity mark check
  • Coil resistance measurement
  • Secondary loop burden measurement
  • Error line curve test for protection CT
  • Transient CT parameters test
  • CT nameplate guess
  • Saturation hysteresis loop curve measurement

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