Contact Resistance Tester outputs DC 100A currents to test the contact resistance of circuit breaker or high current cable contacts. It is designed as per IEC62271. It mainly measures the circuit breaker contact resistance. All the test results of the tester can be printed by the micro-printer, which is integrated in the tester. Also all the test results saved in the tester can be uploaded to the computer & then saved as MS WORD document.

Product Features:

  • Contact resistance measurement
  • Result print
  • Upload data to PC

Key Points of Contact Resistance Tester 

  • High DC current upto 600A
  • Milivolt voltage  drop   measurement.
  • Simple Operation
  • Noise Interference Rejection
  • Quick & stable results due to high power sources
  • Inbuilt printer with memory of 100 results
  • PC connectivity
  • Automatic test mode

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