As the name suggest Online HV CT Ratio Tester is an innovative  product to measure Key  line / CT parameters of  upto  33KV system .


Online HV CT Ratio Tester is used for the determination of :

  • Primary & Secondary Current Measurement
  • Current Transformation Ratio
  • Phase Sequence
  • Polarity

Online HV CT Ratio Tester consist of three  units :

  • High Voltage Clamp: It is used with the  Hot  Stick to clamp the primary of current transformer. It  transmits the wireless signal to the monitor.
  • Three- Channel Low-voltage Secondary Current Clamps : Three secondary  clamps are  available  for determination of  secondary  current  of transformer.
  • Monitor: It is used to display the various results with storage of 99 readings. It receives  the  primary signal through the  wireless transmitter   that is   capable   of penetrating wall obstacles with a direct-line transmission distance of about  30m.

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